Unit 1 – A Tale of 3 Cities

Alex Kaiser, Trevor Flynn & Anderson Inge

The Tale of 3 Cities discovers and constructs new realities as an unfolding set of “cities” that weave together the past, present and future. Forces that shape past and future narratives are extracted and explored using drawing methods that are both explorative and experimental, digital and freehand.

The resulting drawings will become the “cities” where we will discover architecture, people and their stories. Each city will have a mentor that provides stimulus and differentiation – an architect (Soane), a writer (Calvino), and an artist (Piranesi).

Unit 1 group photo

Unit Brief – A Tale of 3 Cities

Composite sketches

Overlaid sketches

Drawing supplies

Ghita, Niels and Maya hard at work

Connective spaces

Modelling structural elements

Drawing the city

View from the top of Centre Point tower

Unit 1 appropriates the unit space before the Interim Jury

Oscar traces maps of the city

Havishya and Nahla draw out their visions for a new city

Klaudia and Maria sketching in the studio

Ian’s incredible sketch of London from the top of Centre Point

Sketches and storyboards aplenty

Montage drawing

Trevor instructs Ghita on sketching axonometrics

View of the Church of St Giles

Trevor advises Maya on her drawings while Dima looks on

Hatching the city

Dima creates a hybridized image/ drawing

Sketches from Niels’ sketchbook

Sketching in and around London

Unit 1 in discussion on Day 2

Perspective and Depth Construction studies

Unit 1 Montaging views and sketches together

Storyboards for the city

Digital Painting

Constructing final drawings through sketches

Looking through a three week body of work

A composite of sketches, photoshop and computer drawings – the third city.

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