Unit 5 – Cities From The Story

Olga Felip Ordis, Albert Serra Juanola, Irene Sola, Jaume Farres & Catarina Brito

This unit uses Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities as its point of entry. Students start in the public realm and end in an individual perception, an invisible city. Calvino once said ‘we are approaching a crisis of urban life, and the Invisible Cities are a dream that springs from the heart of invisible cities’. The book is divided into 55 short descriptions of each city. Students will each choose a city description to read and gather images, texts, photos, quotes, songs, sketches, anything that will contribute to the formation of the idea of their allocated city. The next step will consist in examining how this city, which can be an alternative reality to any city, can be projected on London.

Unit 5 Group Photo

Unit 5 Brief – Cities from the Story

Unit 5 discussing their common format

Unit 5 installing their Interim Jury timeline on the ceiling of their space

Model studying patterns within the city

Henry’s mapping of online networks onto the space of the city

Irene sets out the structure of the timeline for the interim jury

Students working and sleeping in the space

Unit 5 in discussion

Jaume constructing the panorama

Unit 5 final storyboard – individual and collective

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