Bethany Edgoose


Bethany graduated top of her year from the MSc of Anthropology and Development at the London School of Economics in 2015 and has since managed the Research Analyst and Technical Writing team at cyber security company Darktrace. She has previously worked in Uganda as agricultural project manager and for multiple non-governmental research institutes on projects ranging from international migration to nuclear security.

Nathan Su and Bethany Edgoose have been collaborating since 2013 on architectural projects reimagining social realities. Nathan is a designer and storyteller, working through speculation, architecture and film to imagine futures from the scale of the home to the city. Bethany is a social designer and anthropologist who works at the intersection of tech-development and society. Their previous work together has included Through Leviathan’s Eyes – a mixed reality city, collectively constructed as an ever changing visual palimpsest, and the Atlas of False Desires, a short film about social media manipulation that was awarded Best Short at Sci-Fi London 2017. They also collaborated with Chong Yan Chuah on Aisha’s Asylum, a short story that received an Honourable Mention in Blank Space’s Fairytales 2017 competition, and Vital Networks, a system of international telemedicine awarded 2nd place the 2015 Advancing Development Goals Geneva Challenge.

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