We may live in the present, but we dream of the future. Even though we know it’s a time elastically located ahead of us, The Future is also a place that is constantly re-drawn and re-imagined. Though nothing may date quite as fast as predictions on The Future, human progress would be nowhere without the will to project forwards into a time it doesn’t yet know of. RECIPES FOR A FAST-FORWARD FUTURE will continue the curiosity that has driven art, architecture, science, literature and cinema to make daring decrees about what the world will be like in tomorrow’s tomorrow.  This year, The Summer Architecture School studios will work towards defining what the future of the 21st century may bring us. RECIPES FOR A FAST-FORWARD FUTURE will offer a variety of approaches focusing upon the architectural, cultural, technological and lifestyle issues that are at the heart of the distant Future: FutureFashion; FutureLiving; FutureGeography; FutureCity. Are we destined to fall back on history’s twin fetishes of the future – an idealized state of perfection or apocalyptic dystopia – or are new forward-looking visions still possible?  RECIPES FOR A FAST-FORWARD FUTURE aims to confront these questions through focused group research and design-led projects.

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