Unit 2 – Backroom Bauprobe

Ingrid Schroeder & Julika Gittner

The architecture of the city is commonly understood as a backdrop to our lived experience. This unit designs the city as a stage set that is instrumental to the stories that unfold through and around it. Imagined stories from recorded snippets of London’s hidden narratives are constructed and these fictions are exposed to the city as a means of revealing a set of distilled urban situations. The project will take the form of a number of 1:1 mock-up constructions that will be placed in public spaces in London. The pieces become the portable and temporary settings for the public re-enactment of our narratives in the city.

Unit 2 Group Photo

Unit 2 Brief – Backroom Bauprobe

Unit 2 discuss the city as a stage-set

Initial Study model

Making sketch models to understand scales at which to explore the city

Sketch model

Spatial installation in the city

Walking through a cloth tunnel

Framing the city

Working with video to capture the city interventions

Kit brings his desktop into the unit space

Dima, Alja, Eman, Fernando and Abel gather round to discuss ideas with Julika

Proposals for the city

Unit 2 preparing to install their proposals in the city

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