Unit 4 – Amazing Stories From The City

Nacho Martin & Manuel Collado

In Latin America, Magical Realism, in literature, was a way to dream a possible reality, beyond the stagnation of economic and political realities. The architectural practice was not alien to it.

Some projects by Archigram, Superstudio and OMA, supported through fiction, comics and pop culture have now become architectural paradigms. In this unit, students are invited to imagine a new London through making a comic. By using references that go beyond architecture such as sci-fi books, comics and films or POP music, graffiti and cartoons, students write scripts and design scenarios for new urban situations.

Unit 4 Group Photo

Unit 4 Brief – Amazing Stories from the City

Unit 4 begins work on their comic storyboards

Slime Monsters in the City

Speech bubbles

Dr Yellow Trace PhD storyboard

Working on the underwater monsters

Alex sketches over test images

Comic storybook pages come together on various screens

Photographing funny t-shirts

Explosive sounds in comic form

Little guy in Eirini’s sketchbook

Pop-up precedent

Slime Monsters at sea

Waterworld explosions

The book begins to come together

Comic annotations

Colourful spreads

Phyo putting together the final spreads

Can and Lauren working on their comic

Testing different speech bubbles

Robotic universe


Team Gaiatopia working away on their comic

funny t-shirts

Re-using AA publications

Dr. Yellowtrace PhD lets out an evil laugh

Jasmine paints detail into some of Gaiatopia’s visuals

More pop-up precedents

Can and Lauren at work

The final product – Amazing Stories from the City complete with recycled and reappropriated gold podium, stand and disco paraphenalia! A blinding success!

Spreads from the final book:

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