The further backward you can look, the further forward you can see. – Winston Churchill

From Cedric Price’s Fun Palace, to Winston Churchill’s War Room, and the hundreds of spaces, buildings, and years in between and since, London is characterised by the seminal projects that define the form and culture of the city.    London has been shaped by both the built and unbuilt projects throughout its history, and so this year’s summer school will revisit the neglected legacy of unbuilt architectural genius in London.

This summer students will invent, speculate and design their own London Project by inventing new worlds to challenge the status quo. The programme will challenge students to consider London’s major projects as propositions that suggest new architectures alongside cultural, political and social repositioning of the city.

The Summer Architecture School will invent and describe Unbuilt London through compelling perspectives: spatial, social, economic, ecological, cultural and technological. It will use London as its primary experimental laboratory of ideas and actions. Individual and collective discoveries are encouraged as well as innovative, evocative proposals. The brief and intense course—based on the renowned AA Unit System—emphasises techniques of interpretation, recording, drawing, making and thinking through diverse media types, both analogue and digital.


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