He is a Seoul-based designer, journalist and paper artist. He has built more than 300 paper system models, linking the ideas of surface-organisation with architecture. His paper sculpture was exhibited in Lexington Town Gallery in 2009. Since 2013, he is an assistant designer, researcher and curator at Magicarch Architecture, working in various fields including architectural design, visual design, research, and curatorial projects in the office. He has collaborated in major magicarch projects including “Embrace of the Forest (2013),” “Thermogods Exhibition (2013)”. His project, “parasitic Units” (2013) was awarded with First prize at 2013 SSU-JNU International Design Workshop & Competition by Iñaki Ábalos, chair of the department of Architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design. He has diverse writing practice, being intern reporter atInternational-Herald-Tribune (2009) and Joongang Daily (2009). He is also recognised as an power blogger at Naver, a Korean portal site (2008). In 2010, He was selected as cultural correspondent by Korean Ministry of Gender Equality & Family, being dispatched in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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