Our fully searchable website currently features 8,000 images representative of the broad scope of the main collection, which holds approximately 150,000 slides of historical and contemporary architecture. For educational use, the website includes low-res watermarked images available for downloading (along with comprehensive information about each building).

The Photo Library holds the AA film collection – an important collection of lectures, conferences, symposia and other events presented at the AA. Dating back to the mid-1970s the archive includes titles by many of the leading architects, artists, historians, and theorists of the last 40 years – including AA alumni such as Cedric Price, Peter Cook, Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid and Ben van Berkel.
The film archive is for the use of AA students, staff and members only. Students and staff also have access to over 500 feature films and documentaries. One item per day can be borrowed overnight during the week (two films can be borrowed on Fridays for return on the following Monday).

The AA Cinema opened in 2009, equipped with 20 cinema seats and surround-sound. The Cinema is bookable for unit and student screenings. The AA Film Club shows programmes every week during term time.

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