Patricia Mato-Mora


Patricia grew up in Palma – Mallorca, her young imagination soaked up by the stories of mercenaries, mermaids and buccaneers that lace the collective imagination of the Balearic archipelago. She was particularly captivated by the island’s landscape and architecture, containing numerous traces of legendary maidens’ and dragons’ adventures. In an attempt to harness these stories into spatial experiences, Patricia studied architecture at the Architectural Association, where the constellation of references that now pepper her work – from Bachelard to Blade Runner – was formed. She also studied materials at the Royal College of Art, and has been a resident sculptor at the European Ceramic Workcentre (2016), Konstfack University of Art and Design (2017). Fascinated with the translation from digital to physical, Patricia has worked as a digital craftswoman and fabricator since 2013, in Factum Arte in Madrid; Millimetre in Brighton, and independently for Heatherwick Studio and Magdalene Odundo OBE. Patricia is a First Year Studio Tutor and Technical Studies Ceramics Tutor at the AA; where she has also taught alongside Ana Araujo (2015-17). She has been a visiting critic at Leeds Metropolitan, the University of Cambridge, Chelsea College of Arts and Design, as well as a Design Studio Tutor at the University for the Creative Arts (2013-17)

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