The Workshop is well equipped with machine and hand tools for working in wood and metal. Facilities are available for working in steel and some nonferrous metals, and for precise working in hardwoods, softwoods and panel products. We have a limited capacity for working in stone, concrete and ferrocement, as well as in some plastics and composites. A link with the Computer Lab has brought a new dimension to the work produced. Workshop facilities may be used by all students and members of staff; external students and students on extension may do so at the discretion of the Workshop management and on payment of a prearranged fee. Hand tools and portable power tools may be borrowed when available. All First Year and new students will be required to attend a short course on safe working practices.

The Workshop staff have a broad range of experience in design, materials and processes. Their aim is to encourage and support individual projects as well as units whose programmes depend upon the use of the Workshop.

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