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“FORMAT is a ‘live magazine’ looking at the shapes that discourse takes. The sixth issue takes place at the AA in Summer 2016, and runs from July 6 to July 15. Open to the public, and free of charge, FORMAT No.6 focuses on ‘Couple Format.’ Mathematically speaking, a couple is the smallest unit of collaboration and therefore the most potent (or poisonous). Can we think of a working life together, or apart, as possessing shape? Stories on Couple Formats bring inspiration, solace or simple guidance on how to be ourselves.”






Denise Scott-Brown & Robert Venturi and Ray & Charles Eames6-July-2016-Micro

Gertrude Stein & salon host/cook Alice B. Toklas and pioneering performance artists Marina Abramović & Ulay8-July-2016-Micro

Hannah Arendt& American author Mary McCarthyand radical philosophers Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari”13-July-2016-Micro

5th Avenue & Broadway and Empire State & Chrysler Buildings15-July-2016-Micro


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