David Archilla is an architect and holds a Ph.D. from the School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Madrid, where he is non-tenure-track Associate Professor in Architectural Design. He is currently active in both academic and professional practice, linking them as complementary fields that are reciprocally enriching.

Since 2002, David Archilla has been teaching Architectural Design as Fellowship, Assistant, Visiting, and Associate Professor in different public and private universities such as Polytechnic University of Madrid, Alfonso X University of Madrid, Vasco de Gama University of Coimbra, School of Architecture and Technology of Camilo José Cela University of Madrid and Salamanca Pontifical University of Madrid, a varied university combination that has been inspiring to his academic profile development. Since 2010 David Archilla is teaching Architectural Design at the School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Madrid, fifth year and Final Project Workshop, in the PFC Unit directed by Juan Herreros.

David Archilla and Covadonga Martinez-Peñalver work since 2001 as owners of “Archilla / Peñalver architects”(www.aparquitectos.com), office that has earned many awards in national and international competitions and that has built a diversity of works recognized by the critics. The work and projects of the office has been widely diffused, participating in various international exhibitions in London, Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid, Bogotá, Brussels, or Buenos Aires, also using web platforms like Freshmadrid, or through the paper publication in specialized media such as Quaderns, UHF, Future, Pasajes or A/V Projects among others. Since 1996, David Archilla works in the field of contemporary art, in diverse disciplines such as painting, photography, audiovisual art and social networks, adding values to the Architectural Design as an open receptive research activity.

David Archilla has participated in various national and international conferences, has been member of scientific committee, has been guest speaker at roundtables, has published articles in specialized journals, has written two books, has been court member for PhD dissertation defense, has directed Final Degree Projects and is currently directing Ph.D. research works. He is member of the UPM research group “Emerging Practices in Architecture”, and leader of the research line called “Emerging Practices in the influence of the psychological factors in innovation”. David Archilla also founded in 2008 the “Disfrutista Movement”, open structure that promotes actions and writings and continues developing Archilla’s Ph.D. research about enjoyment during the architectural design process. Since 1998, he is founder, editor and active member of UHF, association for research and contemporary spreading, which has run five publications, internationally spread, receiving eulogize from critics, participating in biennials, contemporary art exhibitions and architecture festivals

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