Bits, Bytes, Fragments in 2018

Bits, Bytes, Fragments, Scraps, Shards and Moments.

I guess I’m just hopelessly fascinated by the realities that you can assemble out of connected fragments.    – Junot Diaz

It’s like this puzzle.  You spend ages putting things together – things that weren’t meant to fit together, disjointed things, things no one would ever think you could put together…It’s like you’re building your own little world.    – Tom Rowlands (Chemical Brothers)

We consume bits of our friends’ lives as we scroll through social media pics on our mobile phones.  We hear snippets of conversations on the bus on the way into town, or in a restaurant, imagining the lives of the people surrounding us.  Ancient vases are reassembled from fragments found beneath the ground, while archaeologists and historians recreate the narratives of the people and culture that created it. A film stiches together a single and coherent narrative from hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of multi-second shots.

Our days and worlds are built around accumulated experiences, interactions, and the paraphernalia of daily life.  The only constant that stitches them all together is you and the measure of time.  This also means that the simple insertion of new or different elements can radically shift the narrative.  It enables all of us to be the director of our experience and the architect of our domain.

This summer we will look at London as though through a kaleidoscope.  Summer School 2018 will act as a Director, a Surgeon, a Detective, a Master Builder and a Storyteller.  The director will assemble a single continuity from isolated shots. The surgeon will cut, reassemble, stich and sew a new architectural body together.  The detective will examine real and fictional evidence and build hypotheses.  The master builder will assemble existing and invented materials while the storyteller assembles narratives from both real and fantastical inspiration.  Our design units will work through digital and physical models, filmmaking, drawing, animation and installations as we discover what it means to think, make and design through an endless rearrangement of fragments.

FORWEB UNIT 2 Hyperscape_04

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