Antoine Vaxelaire

Barcelona, London, Brussels

Antoine first studied architecture in Lausanne before moving to London to join the Architectural Association, where he graduated with Honours in 2013. During his studies he has worked in several offices in Zurich, London and Brussels. After graduating Antoine moved to Tokyo and Mexico City, where he respectively worked two and one year.

In 2016, Ariadna Barthe and Antoine Vaxelaire founded TOI-T, a Creative Consultancy.

TOI-T is a messy and noisy multidisciplinary practice that aims at re-inserting creativity in all disciplines of our society. Strongly believing that there is an enormous gap between the people with the resources to act and those with the ideas to create, TOI-T is the bridge between these distant sides.

Traines as architects, Ariadna and Antoine put architectural knowledge at the core of the office. The understanding of our built environment is the biggest challenge of the decades to come, and architects have a long tradition of both constructing it and understanding its potential.

TOI-T believes this knowledge cannot remain in the hands of architects, but should be implemented to all disciplines of today and tomorrow.

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