The collection in the AA Library, founded in 1862, contains almost 46,000 volumes, including rare and early works, books, periodicals and journals, CDs/DVDs including access to online indexes and JSTOR. Library services are open to all members of the AA.

Founded in 1862, the Library holds more than 40,000 volumes on the history of architecture, architectural theory, contemporary architectural design, building types, interior design and landscape design. In addition to the most up-to-date architectural publications, it also houses special collections of material on the Modern Movement, international expositions, and the Garden City movement. The Library receives 120 current periodicals and holds a substantial number of important historical magazines, including Wendingen and L’Architecture Vivante.

The Library’s loan, reference and information services are available to staff and students of the AA School and members of the Association. Please see the AA Membership webpage for further details.

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