“The after-party’s always better than the main event”

As the Olympic Games draw to a close next Autumn 2012, London will be struggling with the question of what to do when the party’s over? Do we all just pick up the garbage, tidy up and go home?
And, more importantly, where’s the after-party?

This year’s AA Summer School will speculate on the after-life, after-party and after-city of the Olympic site in London. The programme will focus on the continuing relationship between the form of the event and the form of the city, from small-scale on-site performances and installations to the larger scale re-imaginings of an event-driven future city.

The Summer Architecture School will invent and describe the après-city through compelling perspectives: spatial, social, economic, ecological, cultural and technological. It will use London as an experimental laboratory of ideas and actions. Individual and collective discoveries are encouraged as well as innovative, evocative proposals. The brief and intense course—based on the renowned AA Unit System—emphasises techniques of interpretation, recording, drawing, making and thinking through diverse media types, both analogue and digital.

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