Look out. Life is imitating art. What was once the domain of the disaster movie is fast becoming the real-life plot of our collective futures. From The Day After Tomorrow (eco-Armageddon) to I Am Legend (man-made viral pandemic); cities have become the ticking-time bombs of tomorrow.   This year, the AA’s Summer Architecture School will focus on the forces—social, economic, ecological, technical—that might potentially conspire to bring about the city’s—and the world’s—end. Using London as an experimental laboratory of ideas and hypotheses, we will yield unexpected discoveries and innovative proposals. As more and more people move to cities than ever before, a figure that is set to rise to 70% of the global population in just 40 years time, what are the imminent and long-term emergency scenarios, and how might we either avert or design away the disasters? The brief, intense course—based on the renowned AA Unit System—emphasises techniques of interpretation, recording, drawing, making and thinking through diverse media types, both analogue and digital.

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