The Summer Architecture School is an exciting opportunity for those interested in teaching within the AA environment. We welcome applications from a broad spectrum of disciplines, and encourage unexpected combinations from as little as two tutors per unit to a larger group consisting of varied expertise. The teaching is intensive, and you should assume that students will need to be met with every day for the duration of three weeks, though how you organize the time is a matter of choice and convenience for each team. All tutors are expected to attend the introduction days, a morning of induction courses, an interim presentation, a half-day seminar and the final presentation.


If you are interested in teaching this year, please contact the visiting school coordinator at visitingschool@aaschool.ac.uk for more information or download the Want To Teach pdf linked below which should answer most frequently asked questions.


We ask for applications no more than three pages of A4 in length that includes the CV and/or bios of all tutors in the teaching team.

Application deadline for teaching proposals is 26 April 2011.


Download ‘Want To Teach’ PDF




Tutors, lecturers and jurors come from the extensive and renowned pool of AA alumni, including present and past Unit Masters, recent graduates and professionals from related fields.


2010 Tutors:
Gaspar Libedinsky & Florencia Vetcher, Charles Arsene-Henry & Richard Rhys, Clement Blanchet & Mads Farso, Sarah Baker & Anthony Gross, Noam Andrews & Rene Barownick


2009 Tutors:
Adam Furman, Marie de Monseignat, Douglas Moffat, Steve Bates, Joshua Bonnetta, Julika Gittner, Sarah Entwistle, Geraldine Dening, David Knight, Europa, Finn Williams, Ulf Hackauf, Inigo Minns and Onkar Kular, Noam Andrews, René Barownick, Yeena Yoon


2008 Tutors:
Matthias Megyeri & Ingrid Hora, Jason Griffiths, Cher Potter & Bettina John, Jonathon Solomon & Max Kahlen, Douglas Moffat, Steve Bates, Joshua Bonnetta, Adam Furman & Marie de Monseignat


2007 Tutors:
Anthony Hoete, David Cowlard, Dagmar Sirch, Jan-Carlos Kucharek, Jennifer Bonner, Aris Papadopolous, Katherina Dionysopoulou, Volkan Alkanoglu, Michael Hensel, Hannes Koch, Daphne Sunguroglu, Kim Lodge, Aleks Catina


2006 Tutors:
Ben Aranda & Chris Lasch, Stephan Henrich, Iassen Markov, Stephan Truby, Claudia Pasquero, Eduardo Rico, Ivan Valdez, Marco Poletto, Marloes Ten Bhomer & James Carrigan, Yu Daigaku, Matthew Murphy, Jan Willem Petersen, Kasia Korczak, Zak Kyes


2005 Tutors:
Lawrence BH Ler, Therese Shu Z Lee, Jan Kattein, Zoe Quick, Chrysanthe Staikoboulou, Sue Barr, Takako Hasegawa, Sam Jacob, Sean Topham, Tomas Klassnik, Shelagh Wright, Charlie Tims, Maria Jose Mendoza, Massimo Santanicchia, Massimo Banzi, Line Ulrika Christiansen, Elio Caccavale, Tal Drori, Stefano Mirti, Simone Muscolino


2004 Tutors:
Joris Laarman, Jeroen Verhoeven, Danyael Sugawara,Yael Gilad, Anat Stern, Markus Miessen, Matthew Logan Murphy, Ralf Plugfelder, Anna Klingmann, Wilfried Hackenbroich, Nathalie Rozencwajg, Michel Da Costa Goncalves, Asa Bruno,Nazaneen Shafaie, Afroditi Lefkaditi, Charu Gandhi


2003 Tutors:
Alex Haw, Brandon laBelle, Dmitri Tsigos, NeriOxman, Yusuke Obuchi, Mirco Becker, Saskia Simon, Lorena Camisuli, Josh Bolchover, Ingrid Hora, Dominik Kremerskotten, Madelon Vriesendorp, Neville Mars, Fenna Haakma Wagenaar


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