Nacho Martin

MI5’s profile was conceived since the turn of the century as a suggestive and innovative practice midway between construction and research.

Our work focuses on the search of alternative and not very explored public management strategies, exploiting fantasy as a powerful, dynamic motor of social processes.

Interested in participating in the construction of the signs of our era, we conceive our projects as the erection of identities of collective recognition, capable of redefining and strengthening the geographical and human territory where they stand.

We work with the efficiency of our projects’ communication strategies as a proposal which will intensify their social viability. Our work method is supported by proactive policies, with very personalized relationship protocols for each user and his environment.

One of the missions of the projects, conferences, essays and teaching undertaken by the studio during the last years, has been rethinking concepts such as Public, Youth, Outskirts, Fashion, Technology…

Mi5 is a team of Nacho Martin and Manuel Collado since 1999 which focuses on researching unexplored project strategies, our work has been recognize, awarded and published on several occasions.

They have been teaching in Architectural Polytechnic Universities of Alicante, Alcala de Henares and Camilo Jose Cela, Fashion Design at the European Institute of Design (IED Madrid) and Visiting Member at the Architectural Association in London, in addition to having participated in several workshops, juries and lectures.

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