Jesse Randzio, BA (Hons), AADipl

Jesse studied at the AA, where he spent much of his time at Hooke Park working with timber, steel, concrete, rope, and steel cable. He has been involved with the design and construction of the first three additions to the Hooke Park architecture collection since the property has been in AA hands (Summer Pavilion 06, Crossings Bridge, A Separate Place), and worked for three years as Workshop Assistant at the AA. He currently designs and builds deep energy renovations of old housing stock in America, and is Resident Tutor for AA SummerMake at Hooke Park.

Before coming to the AA, Jesse worked for 2 years at Bumpzoid, a small architectural practice in the West Village, NYC. Before that, he earned a BA with honors in English from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, USA. Throughout his four years at Colby he worked in the theatre scene shop as Shop Assistant, designing and building stage sets, and as Teaching Assistant, supervising set design and construction courses. He has taught after school and summer vacation theatre workshops for elementary school children. His work has been exhibited in Koshirakura, London, Minneapolis, and Tokyo.

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