Diego Trujillo Pisanty


Diego Trujillo Pisanty is an artist working with technology. His work approaches technology not only as a medium but also as the embodiment of human practices and attitudes. He has worked in a variety of mediums including electronics, software, robotics, photography and 3D renderings. His work has been published in several blogs and magazines including BLDGBlog, Dezeen, We Make Money Not Art, Wired UK, Vice and Dazed and Confused. He recently received a Honourable Mention in Hybrid Art from the Prix Ars Electronica for his piece This Tape Will Self-Destruct, made with the support of a Young Creators Fellowship from the Mexican Fund for Culture and Arts. Diego currently works as a Research Associate in Design at Newcastle University’s Culture Lab. Diego has also worked with Testa/Weiser Architecture supporting their first cohort of students producing work within SCI-Arc’s Robot House. // trujillodiego.com

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