Anderson Inge

Anderson Inge is an architect who also trained as a structural engineer and as a sculptor. Anderson initially studied architecture at the University of Texas at Austin and at the Architectural Association in London, followed by post-graduate degrees in architecture and structural engineering concurrently at M.I.T. His training in sculpture at Central Saint Martins as a mature student made sense of it all.

Throughout his career, Anderson has interwoven architecture practice, fine arts practice, and teaching.  His work and teaching continually integrate concerns of aesthetics, materiality and structure.

He has practiced, exhibited and lectured extensively in the UK and the US. Based in London, Anderson has taught on undergraduate and post-graduate programs in the USA and Europe, including the Architectural Association (since 1997; in Technical Studies, Media Studies, and Housing & Urbanism); the Rural Studio at Auburn University (since 2001); Royal College of Art; Ruskin School at the University of Oxford; Central St Martins sculpture; Kent Institute of Art and Design in fine arts and architecture; and Sir John Soane’s Museum, London.

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